Once evil leader of the planet Neo-Arcadia


Omega: Biometal Construct Soldier 10th/Elite Trooper 9th/Officer 9th; Init: 3 (Dex); Defense ( 3 Dex, + 7 natural, + 15 class); VP/WP 274/21; Atk + 35/+ 28/ 25/ +18 (4d6 12/17-20, Energy sword) or + 34/+ 27/+ 24/+ 17 (3d6+ 10/18-20, unarmed) or + 27/+ 20/+ 14/+ 10 by ranged; SQ Uncanny dodge (dex bonus, flanking), leadership, deadly strike, improved tactics, uncanny survival, overdrive, arc blade, ryuuenjin, shinkuujin, earth gaizer, blade beam; SV Fort +22, Ref +14, Will +14; FP: 1; DSP 0; Rep +; Str 31, Dex 17, Con 21, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 14. Challenge Code I.
Equipment: Model O biometal.
Feats: Advanced martial arts, armor proficiency (light), cleave, combat expertise, defensive martial arts, heroic surge, improved critical (energy sword), improved martial arts, martial arts, point blank shot, power attack, precise shot, quick draw, run, weapon focus (energy sword), weapon group proficiency (blaster pistols, blaster rifles, heavy weapons, simple weapons, vibro weapons), weapon specialization (energy sword), wookie grip, zero-g training.
Model O features:
Overdrive- +1 to Str, Dex, Con for 5 rounds.
Arc Blade- launches ice shards in a full circle around Omega that deal 3d6 damage.
Ryuuenjin- uppercut that deals 3d6 damage plus 2d6 fire damage.
Shinkuujin- a crescent-shaped wave of lightning energy that deals 3d8 damage, and has a +1 to hit.
Earth Gaizer- A ground pound to an 80 foot radius that
Blade Beam- A beam of energy fired from a sword whose max range is 100 feet, and on a successful hit deals 10d10 damage. Can be used 3/day.
Omega exclusive features:
2nd form: +16 Str, +8 Con, +2 AC, -2 size bonus on AC and Atk, Wound x4, energy sword increases in size, dealing 4d10, recieves a buster that deals 10d10.
3rd form: +24 Str, +12 Con, +4 AC, -4 size bonus AC and atk, Wound x8, energy sword returns to original size, dealing 4d6 damage, the buster also returns to normal size, also dealing 4d6 damage.



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