The Noirr Family Lightsaber

A lightsaber passed down each generation when the offspring becomes a jedi

weapon (melee)

Long-handled lightsaber with a royal blue blade. The blade itself is 1.5 meters long, making the lightsaber about 2 meters in total length. The saber uses a rare pontite focusing crystal that makes it deal 3d6 damage. It also has another mysterious crystal that produces a burst of Force Light (at minimum effectiveness) on critical hits. Other features of the saber is that it is silenced and is force-activated.


A long-handled lightsaber with a royal blue crystal (not pictured here because this was all that could be found). It also has a special crystal inside of it that causes a burst of light to be released on particularly strong attacks.

The saber itself has been passed down for at least a century by the Jedis of the Noirr family. Recently, one of the most recent owners, Craven, was unable to pass the saber to his son, due to his untimely death. However, his son, Fawkes, rediscovered the lightsaber on Hoth where Craven’s best friend had hidden the lightsaber, as well as several other possessions.

Under instructions of his father’s holocron, he passed down the lightsaber first to his son Cross. However, when Cross died, the saber fell back into Fawkes’ hands. He was again able to pass the lightsaber down to his second son, Revan, who is its current wielder.

The Noirr Family Lightsaber

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