For Those Who Will Fall

A Darker Force Behind Every Corner
The plot thickens...
Two Doses of Betrayel
The group should really be careful of who they trust
Out of the Gate - Hunting Rancors
Don't you wish every adventure started this way

After departing from Nar Shadda, the group arrives on Felucia sometime later. The twi’lek tells the group of their job, to hunt down two rancors, one male, one female. With little protest, the twi’lek armed the group with heavy stun weapons and electro nets. He and his wife would get into high places and snipe the rancor from above with darts purchased from Nar Shadda. With Ayla and Silver leading the attack, the group found a rancor in a small canyon. There, the group began its attacks, however, the rancor resisted most stun weapons, it either rebounding off its tough hide, or the beast resisting the stun itself. The rancor unleashed a vicious roar, unsettling most of the group, even terrifying The Jawa into retreating. The first dart was fired by the twi’lek’s wife at this point, which the rancor resisted easily.

It was in this moment that Ayla felt the situation hopeless and began using her lethal weapons against it, first tossing a hand grenade, which peppered the rancor with shrapnel. The beast roared with anger before going after the group. Everyone in the group began to fall back, except Silver, Ayla, and Revan who tried to remain against the rancor. After resisting another stun, Revan began backing away from the beast. The rancor took a swipe at Ayla, leaving a large gash in her chest. Ayla and Silver took the chance to retreat before they received more injuries. Another two darts were fired then, in an attempt to take down the rancor. Again, the beast resisted and pursued the group. As the rancor charged the retreating group, they fired another volley of stun blasts at it, only for it to rebound off its flesh or for it to resist them. Ayla opened fire with a volley of lethal blasts, most of which did not damage the rancor. Before it lashed out against Ayla, the twi’lek stepped in front of the rancor, taking a claw for her. Finally, the twi’lek’s wife fired her third dart, which dug deeply into the rancor’s flesh. It wavered for a few seconds before collapsing at the feet of the heroes. The twi’lek yelled to the group to subdue the rancor. Using their one remaining net gun, the group netted and bound the rancor. The Headtails was then called with a slave circuit to pick up the rancor.

The twi’lek then led the group onto their next objective, the female rancor. Outside a cave where the rancors had been nesting, the twi’lek used the two Gamorrean members of the crew to draw out the mother rancor. When it arrived at the entrance, the group netted it and attempted to stun it. It shrugged off the first volley and swiped at the twi’lek, narrowly missing him. The group tried again, this time using two electro-nets, which brought the rancor down. Immediately, the whole team got onto the stunned rancor and began to continuously stun it while binding the creature. Again the Headtails was called in to gather up the creature. This time, it attracted the attention of a young rancor, which charged out of the cave to save its mother. The twi’lek drew its attention to him and the two Gammoreans, leading it into the forests of Felucia. Silver and Ayla take this moment to steal two rancor eggs from the cave. The heroes and the Jawa then boarded the Headtails to return to their original campsite.

It's great to see teamwork
They work well together, I swear

A man stood in a square on Coruscant that day. A Twi’lek man who called out to passer-bys, asking to join them on a epic adventure, where the people will attain fortunes beyond their wildest dreams. He soon caught the attention of Revan, Silver, Ayla, and a no name man who was with Revan. The twi’lek explained how the heroes will be hunting epic beasts, amassing fortunes by selling them to a noble cause. Suspicious, Silver, a member of the Crimson Shield, called the twi’lek out on poaching, threatening to arrest him. The man assured him however that he never harmed the creatures, only captured using stun and other nonlethal weapons. Ayla, an angry young woman, was the first to join. Revan was second, pulling the no name with him, begrudgingly. Silver tagged along, but, ever the rebel, used his own ship during travel, an unmodified citadel-class cruiser.

The twi’lek brought the group to his junked freighter, the Headtails. There he introduced them to the crew, which included his wife, a trandoshan pilot, a Jawa death-stick addict, and two gammoreans, one a mercenary, one a medic. He told the group to make themselves at home. The twi’lek explained that there first stop would be Nar Shadda, the smuggler’s moon, where they will get supplies. After that, they would be going to the planet Felucia to hunt rancors.

They stopped at the smuggler’s moon, where the twi’lek told the group to go, drink, gamble, and enjoy themselves while he collects supplies. Immediately, the jawa and gammoreans rush off to the cantina, pushing each other out of the way just to get there. The other four followed, seeing no reason no to. Revan and no name sat at a booth to drink. Silver began patrolling the bar, stopping occasionally to drink. Ayla sat at the sabbac table and started gambling. She broke even her first hand, but after she lost her second, she turned a blaster onto her opposing gambler. She fired and stunned the patron, just as Silver struck her hand off with his lightsaber. Ayla fell in shock, as Silver went to arrest her. The barkeepr hustled both out before arrests were made however. The gammoreans went back to check on Ayla. Silver returned to his ship. After a few moments, another man came into the cantina, with two heavily armored body guards at his side. The man, dressed regally, tells a man gambling that they owe him a lot of money. When the gambler tells him to piss off, the bodyguards grab the man and begin dragging him outside. The man flails and cries for help, but no one goes to help him. They just stare. Revan suggests to no name that they should aid the man. They proceed out of the cantina to find the guards roughing up the man for credits. As Revan and no name go to walk pass, no name slips the regal man’s weapon off his hilt. As no name threatens the man to let the gambler go, the man speaks of how impressed he was. No name tells him to go collect credits elsewhere. Humbled by his bravery, the man let the gambler go, his guards dropping him. The man introduces himself as Athos, before turning and leaving. Revan and no name then proceed back to the ship.


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